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A company can have many reasons for investing in its brand including increasing revenues, selling more, providing a public service, enhancing the companyÂ’s market position, securing exclusive rights to a captive audience and buying event access for marketing opportunities. Brand investment may include integrated marketing campaigns, buying naming rights, and investing in the quality of the company's good or product. A well-planned brand investment will include a brand valuation to justify the investment

A brand valuation exercise assigns a value to the brand using the scenarios from a marketing investment being considered and provides an objective decision-making process.

Marketing applications of brand valuations include: intellectual property (IP) portfolio management, brand extension, strategic brand management, new product or service / program development support, marketing investment allocation, and licensing among other reasons.

AbsoluteBrand combines research from our proprietary databases and external market data for a solid brand valuation foundation of comparable licensing deals and other IP transactions.





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