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Any company can benefit from a brand. To create a brand is to seek lifetime relationships with your customers. Your company's product and services provide utility and value satisfaction in return for some kind of payment. In the end, your customers must believe that you deliver more than your competitors, whether the delivery is tangible or intangible, physical or emotional.

As your market matures, keeping your existing customers becomes as important (and sometimes more important) as winning new customers. On average, existing customers are much more profitable and buy much more than new customers. If you keep your customers for life, success beckons. Creating a brand is the first step toward lifetime customer loyalty.

Trademarks are the foundation of a brand. As the owner of your trademark, you have the right to prevent others from using it, but more importantly you have the right to develop and use your brand. Your brands may represent a significant portion of the value of your business. 

Creating a brand is a complex process, including design and logo creation, legal registration, domain registration, and an integrated marketing communication program.

Our staff of creative, legal and technical people have experience in guiding you through design work, brand architecture, Internet integration, and trademark registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as foreign registration.

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