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Brand Development

From translating the vision of a CEO and conducting market research, through designing a sustainable identity program and building online branding tools, Absolute Brand has the strategic vision to help build brands, create new identities, and design brand-identity programs for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, associations and organizations, and sports franchises.

This process of creating and implementing an effective brand identity is both creative and technical and AbsoluteBrand offers the tools you need, whether a CEO, brand manager, or marketer, when creating or managing a brand.. The creative portion is developing a name, logo, tagline, trade dress, and color palette that effectively translate the core beliefs and values desired in a brand. Simultaneously occurring during this process is the task of determining the availability of legal protection for the newly created brand and then procuring this protection at various levels, which AbsoluteBrand also has the capability to do.

The essential identifying and valuable elements of a brand include its name, legal protection, logo, tagline(s), trade dress, color and other elements. These attributes influence trade customer and domestic consumer behavior by prompting greater loyalty, higher volume of purchases or higher prices on apparently like-for-like products.

  • Name: A brand starts with a name that has specific written or spoken linguistic elements.
  • Legal Protection: The foundation of a brand is typically rooted in a legal right such as a copyright, trademark, patent or a combination of these.
  • Logo: A proprietary graphical design including certain colors, shapes, fonts, and images that represent a brand’s core brand values and attributes and differentiates it from competitors. Its individuality is what sets the brand apart from competitors. A logo's design is for immediate recognition, and aims to inspire trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority.
  • Tagline: A tagline is an often-repeated phrase associated with a commercial product; a slogan, a sentence or message that may be connected to the logo.
  • Trade Dress: A product’s design, product packaging, color, or other distinguishing nonfunctional element of appearance is its trade dress. It’s the look and feel of a product or its packaging; its total image.
  • Color Palette: The colors associated with a brand should make it visible, credible, and memorable and to reflect brand attributes. A brand’s palette can consist of one or two main colors, and several tertiary, or accent colors. The goal is to create a versatile, but unique set of colors that will serve you in a variety of usage situations, while always retaining the brand’s look and feel.





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